Horse Show Coverage

Horse Show Coverage


1. Catch my class! - $100

If I am already in attendance at the horse show and you would like basic class coverage (from the moment you step into the ring to the moment you step out), this package is for you. Includes 5 digital images of your choosing. Must be booked 24 hours before the start of your first class.

2. Horse show coverage, à la carte - $250

From candids to awards photos to that "money shot" in the ring, this package includes focused coverage of all the moments before, during, and after your time in the ring. Includes 8 digital images of your choosing.

3. Horse show coverage, all inclusive - $400

If you're the kind of person who struggles to choose just 8 photos (because let's be honest, we all want unlimited cute photos of our ponies) then this package is for you. Includes all the same coverage as the second package, but all images captured will be available to you in a private gallery as digital downloads.